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Self employed

Telehealth for the more than 16 million self employed

Healthier You, Stronger Business: The Telehealth Advantage

Good health is a fundamental necessity for self-employed individuals. It ensures uninterrupted productivity, enabling you to meet deadlines and deliver on commitments consistently. Furthermore, good health reduces the risk of costly sick days, preserving your income and business stability. Additionally, it fosters mental clarity and creativity, enhancing problem-solving skills and innovation in your work. Lastly, by maintaining good health, you can sustain high energy levels and resilience, enabling you to thrive in the demanding world of entrepreneurship.

Alt-Care Solutions

Self-employment offers valuable advantages like freedom and adaptability, yet it presents its fair share of difficulties, including:

  • Inconsistent income
  • Absence of benefits
  • Administrative responsibilities
  • Healthcare expenses
  • Unpredictable workloads
  • Challenges in attracting and retaining clients.

Would you find it surprising that something as straightforward as Telehealth can serve as a solution to address several of these hurdles?

The telehealth solution

Budget Minded and Affordable

In the realm of self-employment, where the specter of irregular income is ever-present, making prudent budgetary choices is paramount. Opting for telehealth as your healthcare alternative can be a wise decision.

By doing so, you ensure that income fluctuations won't compromise your health, recognizing that good health is the foundation of your ability to work diligently and achieve prosperity.

  • Affordable individual, group, and family plans
  • Tailored to fit every budget


Self-employed individuals, while managing various aspects of their businesses, often prioritize overhead costs over crafting their own benefits packages.

This can lead to neglecting critical needs like healthcare, potentially jeopardizing both their financial stability and future well-being.

  • 24/7 remote, virtual telehealth
  • Prescription fulfillment and refills
  • Urgent care
  • Unlimited consultation availability


Alt-Care Solutions eliminates the complexity and time-consuming task of assembling your benefits package.

Our diverse packages, tailored for individuals, families, and multi-household occupancy, ensure you can focus on income-generating activities without compromising your health or productivity.

Say goodbye to the dilemma of providing healthcare due to cost constraints or suffering from untreated illnesses that hinder your workdays!

Prescription Services

A telehealth prescription plan for self-employed businesses offers several advantages.

It provides convenient access to healthcare services, including prescription medications, reducing the need for time-consuming in-person appointments.

  • Virtual and remote prescribing and fulfillment of medications
  • Medication refills without traditional doctor's office visit
  • Lower consultation fees
  • Prescription availabiity when needed, written 24/7


Telehealth offers unparalleled flexibility for self-employed individuals, providing the freedom to access vital healthcare services on their own terms.

  • Appointments can be scheduled at times that align with busy work schedules, including evenings and weekends.
  • Prioritize business commitments by eliminating the need for travel and long waiting times
  • Maintain control over your health without compromising your autonomy or work-life balance.

Attract and Retain Employees

Offering telehealth as part of a benefits package can be a major draw for prospective employees, as it demonstrates a commitment to their health and well-being.

Telehealth services can lead to better overall health outcomes for employees, as they are more likely to seek timely medical advice for minor issues before they escalate into more significant problems.

Telehealth serves as a tool for companies to demonstrate their investment in their workforce's health and happiness.

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