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Easy access care" in telehealth refers to healthcare services provided through telemedicine or telehealth platforms that prioritize convenience, quick access, and simplicity for patients. The goal is to make healthcare services readily available and easily accessible to individuals, often with minimal barriers. Here are some key aspects of easy access to care in telehealth

This is especially useful for addressing urgent or non-emergency medical concerns outside of traditional office hours.

Eliminate the need for physical travel and long waiting-room times

The focus is on minimizing wait times for appointments, making it possible for patients to access care promptly.

Low cost plans to fit your needs and budget.

Intuitive interfaces for patients to schedule appointments, communicate with healthcare providers, and access their medical records.

Making it even more convenient for patients to access care through their smartphones or tablets.

Electronic prescriptions and referrals 

General health questions, prescription refills, minor illnesses, mental health consultations, and more.

Security and privacy to protect patients' personal health information.


No co-pays, high deductibles, or insurance needed

  • 24/7 access doctors and prescriptions
  • Primary, chronic and continuum of care services
  • Treating conditions such as coughs, colds, influenza, strep throat, urinary tract infections, insect bites and stings, bronchitis, heartburn/gerd, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, migraines, heartburn/gerd, sinusitis, influenza, asthma, hypothyroidism, gout, bronchitis, pneumonia, rashes, weight management, acne, poison ivy and hundreds more medical conditions
  • Behavioral health
  • Wellness plans
  • Management of current conditions
  • Virtual, remote, where you are
  • See a doctor without seeing a doctor
  • Unlimited visits availability
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Emergency instructions: clear guidelines on what constitutes an emergency and what to do in the event of worsening symptoms or new concerning issues.


Professional advice delivered through telehealth is a valuable and increasingly common method for individuals to access healthcare guidance, consultations, and recommendations from licensed healthcare professionals.

Telehealth services connect patients with licensed and qualified healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurse practitioners, specialists, psychologists, therapists, and other experts in various healthcare fields.

Patients can seek advice on various medical concerns, symptoms, or health-related questions during telehealth consultations. Healthcare providers can make diagnoses, provide treatment recommendations, and answer medical queries.

  •  If medication is prescribed, the provider will send the prescription directly to a pharmacy that's convenient for the patient. Instructions will be given regarding dosage, timing, and any potential side effects to watch for.


The provider may recommend rest, hydration, dietary changes, or over-the-counter medications and treatments that can be done at home.


  • Health Information and Education: Resources and educational materials on behavioral and mental health topics, allowing patients to access information to make informed decisions about their health.
  • Mental Health Services: Access to mental health professionals, including therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Patients can receive therapy or medication management for mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and more.


  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling: Nutritionists and lifestyle coaches provide guidance on healthy eating, weight management, and wellness.
  • Wellness and Preventive Care: Telehealth services promote wellness by offering preventive care recommendations, including vaccinations, screenings, and lifestyle advice.
  • Educational Resources: Telehealth providers offer access to educational materials that can help the patient understand their condition and how to manage it.


  • Privacy and Record Keeping: Guidance on how to access personal medical records through the telehealth system and assurances about the privacy and confidentiality of the patient’s medical information.
  • Summary of Visit: After the telehealth visit, patients will receive a summary of the visit which includes all of the next steps they need to take.
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